Thailand’s regional Telecommunication Construction Contractor of efficient & quality performance.


  • Dots Solutions Co., Ltd. Deliver turnkey construction service in information communication technology (ICT) for Local telecommunication operator, including IP networks, wireline, wireless, as well as camera surveillance, security, information and operational technology system used in buildings, offices and housing projects.
Located in Bangkok, Prathumthani, Nonthaburi, Chacheangsao, Samut Prakarn, Chonburi and Phitsanulok.



Our service offering includes Project Management, survey & planning, engineering, procurement and construction services to support the expansion of telecommunications.


  • Dots Solutions Co.,Ltd. is the affiliated company of MSS Cable Network Co.,Ltd. MSS was founded in 1996, capital registered 55 Million THB. MSS provided Telecom equipment to local operators service in 6 provinces on with 6 TX/RX, Network, Engineering and Technician Team.
Dots Solutions Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, capital registered 8 MB
Mss Cable Network Co., Ltd. was  founded.
Dots Solutions was  founded by Mss Cable Network Co., Ltd.
About 17 years ago our company was founded in Chonburi province in southeast Thailand as we selling coaxial cable company  to Local Television Operator and installing RF Network & CATV.
Several years later after successful operation in 7 provinces, we begins to provide more local operators to install and supply high-frequency coaxial  & FTTX network
And, the company moved to a new area where Fiber Optic Network is now our expertise today.  From this modest beginning a hybrid diversified company has developed expertise with numerous local operators  locations around Thailand with more than 120 employes, 50 skilled technicians & engineers.
From the start the company has focused to be the leader in the Telecommunication Construction Service sector, leading advance technology in sub-urban provinces. These have helped us to be recognized as a regional leader in our markets.
บริษัทในเครืเราได้ก่อตั้ง เมื่อ 17 ปี ก่อนในจังหวัดชลบุรี เป็นผู้ขายสินค้าให้กับเคเบิ้ลทีวีท้องถิ่นและ ทำงานติดตั้งโครงข่าย RF & CATV
หลังจากนั้นบริษัทได้ขยายงานไป 7 จังหวัด และ ได้ช่วยเป็นผู้รับเหมาสำหรับติดตั้งงาน โครงข่าย ให้กับ Operator ท้องถิ่นและ ทำการจัดซื้อจัดหาสาย Coaxial และอุปกรณ์
เมื่อเราได้รับประสบความสำเร็จจึงขยายมาทำ โครงข่าย Fiber-optic ซึ่งเป็นการชำนาญงานของเราในทุกวันนี้
เราได้ รับเหมา และ ติดตั้ง โครงข่าย ทั้ง 2 ระบบ และได้ ทำงานร่วมกับ operator เจ้าอื่นหลายโปรเจ็คในประเทศไทยโดยมีพนักงานทั้งหมด 120 ท่าน 50 ช่างฝีมือทางด้านงานติดตั้งและงานโครงข่าย Fiber & Coaxial.
ตั้งแต่เริ่มต้นบริษัท เราได้โฟกัสที่จะเป็นผู้นำท้องถิ่นทางด้าน ICT และ Advance technology อื่นๆ ในบริเวณรอบหัวเมืองใหญ่ ซึ่งช่วยให้เราเป็นที่ยอมรับ
Dots Solutions was  founded by Mss Cable Network Co., Ltd




Begins Docsis & CATV Network (High-frequency Coaxial Cables



Begins construction FTTX Network infrastructure in 6 provinces including TX/RX, Optic Line Terminal



Offer Turnkey Broadband & Wireless Network, other Telecommunication construction



Vision & Mission

Dots Solutions

17 Years Experience



  1. To be a One-Stop Service for all Telecommunication Solutions.
  2. To provide Turnkey Services to Thailand’s regional market.
  3. To match clients’ networking needs with the most technological advance & cost effective of quality product the market has to offer.
  4. To deliver our services across Thailand


Dots Solutions supply & Install :

  • Transmission Network
  • Wireless Network
  • FTTX Network
  • Copper Network
  • OSP&ISP engineering
  • Security Network
  • Household Network

Service Offering

Flexible and Cost Effective Turnkey Installation 

of FTTX, Copper Network in Bangkok, Chonburi,

Chacheang Sao & Phitsanulok

Telecommunication Construction Service  


  • Site Survey & Drawing
  • Quotation & Procurement
  • Transportation & Installation
  • Project Management (Telecommunication)
  • Commissioning & Integration Test

After-Construction Service

For your networks that must not fail. We provide Site Maintenance & Site Upgrade


  • Fiber Optical Network/OLT
  • High-frequency Coaxial Network
  • CATV
  • Intercom Systems (IP Phone)
  • Wireless Network
  • OSP&ISP Engineering
  • Fire Alarm
  • Video Surveillance (CCTV)
  • Structured Cabling Solutions

Dots Solutions provides flexible and cost effective turnkey telecommunication construction services that support regional, commercial and local clients in 7 provinces.

Our Strategy

Continuous availability for peace of mine.

For Telecommunication networks that must not fail


About Dots Solutions
  • With communications such integral part of everyday life – at home, at work and on the go – network operators and service providers must ensure 24/7/365 availability of core network infrastructure. Outages for a few minutes can be extremely costly in terms of lost in customer and revenue. Dots Solutions prevents downtime, rather than merely recovering from it.
  • The key to our success is that it is quick and simple for us to install telecommunication network, quality and modifications are needed to provide continuous availability out-of-the-box.
  • Two top engineers are collaborate and continuously synchronized via a professional work ethics.  We call this ‘Dots Solutions Culture Service’. If one of our service fails for any reason, the other team will continue to run without human resource shortage, without any interruption.




Key business

  1. Cost effective Telecom Construction Services
  2. FTTX & Coaxial Network Implementation
  3. OSP & ISP Engineering
  4. Smart Building (2018)
  5. Video Surveillance (2018)



Our advantages
Cost effective
Multiple stock locations
Multi-province presence
More than 20 transportation trucks
Maintain great relationship with with local communities and local government

Customer Service

Our portfolio encompasses a range of technology-enabled services  that include comprehensive development and support for end-to-end, multi-vendor environments. These capabilities allow you to supplement your IT resources with customized solutions that address your unique business requirements.
Most important, we help you to define, implement and manage an availability strategy and business continuity plan that exceeds business line requirements and industry compliance standards. Benefit from Dots Solutions 24/7/365 service culture built and staffed by trusted availability Telecommunication experts.

Current & Recent Projects

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Educational Buildings

  • Housing projects

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Government Building

  • Military Facilities

  • Local Network and Service Providers

Dots Solutions was  founded by Mss Cable Network Co., Ltd



Begins Docsis & CATV Network (High-frequency Coaxial Cables


Begins construction FTTX Network infrastructure in 7 provinces including TX/RX, Optic Line Terminal


Offer Turnkey Wireless Network, other Telecommunication construction


Education Facilities & Government Building

Education Facilities & Government Building01

Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus, CATV & FTTX network

Education Facilities & Government Building02

Naresuan University, CATV network, Phitsanulok

Education Facilities & Government Building03
Chachoengsao  Municipality, CATV & FTTx network
Education Facilities & Government Building04
RRU University, CATV & FTTx network, Chachoengsao, Thailand

Military Facilities

Military Facilities01

Naresuan Military Camp, CATV&FTTX network,  Phitsanulok, Thailand

Military Facilities02
Ekathotsarot Military Camp, CATV network,  Phitsanulok, Thailand
Military Facilities03
Military Base, Chachoengsao, CATV network
Dots Solutions provides comprehensive planning, engineering, procurement, construction management to military clients around Thailand, including CATV projects, Outdoor & Indoor network and Video surveillance.
Military Facilities04
Infantry Division 11, FTTX & CATV Network , Chacheangsao
Military Facilities05
Royal Thai Airforce, FTTx Network, Pathumthani, Thailand

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities01
Pitsanivej Hospital, CATV, Phitsanulok, Thailand
Healthcare Facilities02
Bhuddasothorn Hospital, CATV & FTTx, Chachoengsao
Healthcare Facilities03
Bangkok Hospital, CATV, Phitsanulok, Thailand
Healthcare Facilities05
Buddhachinaraj Hospital, CATV, Phitsanulok, Thailand
Healthcare Facilities04
Kasemrad Hospital, CATV & FTTx Chachoengsao

Local Network and Service Providers

Local Network and Service Providers01
Local Network and Service Providers02
Local Network and Service Providers03
Local Network and Service Providers04
Local Network and Service Providers05
PKTV FTTx Network, Optical Line Terminal, Samut Prakan & Pathumthani
Local Network and Service Providers06
Local Network and Service Providers07
  • Dots Solutions is the leading telecommunication construction service based that keep the customer network running continuously everyday.
  •  Dots Solutions provides rapid deployment of telecommunication infrastructures, from Outdoor, Indoor networks to most of equipment set-up, with providers’ specifications.


 We also provide consultance IT service to local providers in several provinces in Thailand.
Local Network and Service Providers07
Local Network and Service Providers07
CCN FTTX & CATV Network and Digital Head-end, Chonburi

Our Customers


Preventive  Maintenance Network

Preventive Maintenance Network 01
Preventive Maintenance Network 02
Preventive Maintenance Network 03
Preventive Maintenance Network 04
Preventive Maintenance Network 05
Preventive Maintenance Network 06
Preventive Maintenance Network 07
Continued support and maintenance ensure operation support services 24/7/365 for Telecommunications and Fiber optics

Our TEAM Organization Chart

Sustainable projects in local communities

Sustainable projects in local communities01
Dots Solutions works to constantly demonstrate our commitment to sustainability in local community through words and actions. The best we can do is to demonstrate our willingness to be part of the community.
Sustainable projects in local communities02
Sustainable projects in local communities03


  • I will not commit an unsafe act

  • I will not let someone else commit an unsafe act

  • I will do whatever it takes to get zero unsafe act

Dots Solution encourage all employees to fully commit training, coaching and to be safety leadership.

Safety is a value and a way of life, where the goal completely safeguarding our people is never compromised.


Contact Person


  • Chattan Arksorndit

Managing Director
+6687 670 0311
[email protected]


  • Nuttapon Kiatepunsodsai

Chief Technology Officer
[email protected]

Office Location

Pathum Thani (Head Office)

332 Soi Rangsit-Pathumthani2, Rangsit-Pathumthani Road,, Prachathipat, Thanyaburi, Pathum Thani 12130

Phitsanulok Office

1191,1191/1-2 Borommatrilokkanat 2 Rd., Nai-Muang Phitsanulok 65000

Chachoengsao Office

191/78 Mahajakaphat Rd.  Na-Muang Muand Chacheangsao 24000

Chonburi Office

254/23 Moo 1 Banglamung Chonburi 20150
©2017 Dots Solutions, the Thailand firm. All rights reserved. In this document, Dots Solutions refers to Dots Solutions in Thailand, which is a member of Mss Cable Network Co., Ltd., each member firm of which is a separate legal entity and does not act as an agent of Mss Cable Network Co., Ltd.
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